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Slow-playing means that you have a very strong hand and are playing as if it was mediocre in order to keep more players in the game. Checking when nobody bets or just calling when someone else has bet are typical slow-play moves. However, this move should be played very carefully. Many amateur players tend to use it too often, which gives other players an advantage.You should slow-play only when:1.      Your hand is very strong and by betting or raising you will drive all or most of the playersout of the game, this might be the case when you are holding most of the valuable cards, เข็มขัด Burberry for example: if you hold JJ and the flop is J62.2.      The chance that the next card will give another player a better hand than yours is small.3.      The chance that the next card will give another player the second best hand is relatively high, for example: if you hold Ah, Dolce Gabbana 3h and the flop is Qh, 9h and 6h. 4.      The pot is relatively small.Examples: if you hold QQ and the flop is Q83, slow-playing would be the best move because it applies to all 4 criteria mentioned before.If you hold Ah,Qd or even AA and Kemer the flop is Ac Qc and 9 you should go ahead and bet because the next card could make someone??s hand better than yours (flush or straight) and you don??t want to give a free card to a player that would have otherwise paid. For more poker video tips, go to MyHoldemTips.com.