Alexander Wang

As the new Big Three lost to the old Big Three of the Celtics, Dato the 2010-2011 NBA season starts. We had so many expectations for the new Big Three of Miami Heat; the new team seems so competitive. James came back to the building where he lost the last game of his Cleveland career in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. He then became a free agent after seven seasons with the Cavaliers and signed with the Heat. Why they lost the game? King??s Road Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Carmelon Anthony from 2003 draft have been called the Golden Generation like those leaving stars in 1996; Dwayne Wade has an upper hand over his present teammate James. Now who is the boss of Miami Heat, Wade or LeBron? It seems that there is no definite data can tell who is more popular. It has been a tough choice for LeBron to leave Cleveland for a better team. There is no doubt that James is the most talented basketball I have ever seen. Not only his strong body, but how he participates in the game. He isalways the most diligent and passionate one. You can even smell his eager for the victory; his creative pass and fearlessness of one to five always stimulate his teammates. To be honest that I didn??t like him when first saw his game. His awkward shot, ??crab-dribble?? and Chaussures Pour Femmes his strong body make me think he is just another Kwame Brown. Many NBA fans have the same prejudice on him at that time. Now his achievement and improvement has totally changed my self-centered thoughts. Just like you!Clevelandis the Past In the last season we were looking forward the 23 vs. 24 at the final, well we can see it is fair game, not the Hollywood Film. Finally Kobe Bryant with his all-star team under Phil Jackson??s lead won the championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers owner has tried his best to provide the best supporters for the King, but not good enough, not as good as D-wade .In this new season, especially the first a few month, Atkı the King should debut himself well with his Heat teammates to make the most heated team in the league.What the King needs?The King has been surrounded by many servants, the former coach Mike Brown is the cheerleader who get the Coach of the Year award. The King needs a consultant who can figure out his puzzle and offer him the spiritual strength. Applaud and flourish words don??t worth millions of dollar. It might help that  the coach can use a laser pointer to affect Kobe??s vision ability. King needs a Chan Master like Phil Jackson or Larry Brown who are experienced andthe more important is that who has the charismatic to bring the player??s potential and leadership. BTW, you may like the King??s new Miami Heat Jersey on .poisepolish.: Monogrammed