Oil and Gas consulting services in Nigeria

Oil and Gas

With all of the changes that are taking place in the oil and gas industry, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted advisor to help you chart your future. Novatia Consulting Nigeria experts can assist you in unlocking value and achieving your full potential across the value chain, from exploration and production to retail networks and related services. We have the expertise and cutting-edge methodologies to help you do that. From more than 1,400 oil and gas consulting projects, our professionals have transformed clients into leaner, more agile organizations.

Our experts use unparalleled knowledge to address a wide variety of industry problems, including price volatility, supply chain disruption, and the complex change to alternative energy sources. We proactively address change innovation management consulting – Novatiaconsulting explained in a blog post – from the start, working with your teams at all levels and assisting them with developing lasting new capabilities to continue building on their success. In co-creating solutions that are specifically tailored to your company, we assist your organization in continuing to succeed. We proactively address change management from the start, working with your teams at every level and assisting them with building lasting new capabilities to continue building on their success.

Every day, our oil and gas experts work with leadership teams of exploration and production companies. We help them create leaner and speedier projects in subcategories such as onshore, offshore, and unconventional locations. We assist midstream companies in increasing efficiency and expanding scale. We work with refiners to improve their strategy and operation performance. We work with oil companies, independent producers, and oilfield services companies to bring revolutionary technologies to market.

From midstream pipeline operators to refiners, oilfield equipment manufacturers to oilfield service firms, consulting serves a range of firms in the oil and gas sector. Our professionals have a deep grasp of the complex issues oil and gas businesses confront, including asset allocation improvements as well as how the supply chain for E&P companies has evolved as a result of globalization. We can help oilfield service businesses make buying decisions that are more aligned with the industry’s future needs. We also assist oil and gas companies expand and profit in a sustainable manner.