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The most importantaspect of motorcycling that people should know is how to protect their selves. Thiswill help them prevent from getting involved in road accidents. These are themost common motorcycle safety gears.Types of Safety Gears:Helmets:  This is designed to protect your head fromcrash and impacts. There are some types of helmets; full face, OffRoad/Motocross, Tess Taske Modular/Flip-up, Open Face, and Half-Helmet.Eye Protections:   This gear designed to protect your eyes fromair and other particles, like rocks and bugs or other insects. Types of eyeprotections; Safety Glasses, Goggles, пикси сумка and Face shields.Ear Protections:   This gear will help you protect your earsfrom wind and noise. Types of Ear Protections; Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, and CanalCups, Gloves:    This gear can help protect your hands, palms,and fingers from cuts and scratches. It also helps you making warm. Types ofGloves; Fabric Gloves, Dato Leather Gloves, Metal Mesh Gloves, and AluminizedGloves.Jackets:   This gear may help protectsyour body as,shoulders, chests, backs and your elbows. This may also lessen the impact ofyour body upon crashing.Boots:    This gear will help your feet protected.This gear will keep your uncles and toes from breakings.Elbows and Knees Guards:   Thisgear helps protects your knees and elbows. The proper way of wearing this gearis ware after your jackets and pants.Neck Protections:   Thisgear prevents and пикси сумка lessens the impact from your spinal cords and Sac De Lutin your backbones.Pants:   Thisgear helps protects your hips, knees, skins, weathers, and will keep you warms.Roost Deflectors:   Thisdevice helps you protect your body and chests.Riding Suits: This motorcycle safety gear protects your bodyin case of an unexpected fall or when you need to ride through the rain.These are some tips to make yourdriving safeØ  Always wear your protective gearsØ  Plan your trip alwaysØ  You should know how to read road languagesØ  You should make eye contacts and be alertØ  Take easy on roads and on curves, and otherhazardous roadsØ  Look behind your back, if there is othervehiclesØ  Always make warnings on othersØ  Make sure of yourself be visibleØ  Always be smart on driving and passing roadsØ  Make distance between you and the other driversØ  Always follow traffic rules and regulationsØ  Always protect your eyes and faceØ  Always drive at speed limitsØ  Don??t drive when your drunk If you want to be safealways you should know these things. Be knowledgeable to choose your gears sothat you??ll be safe always.