Nine Best Issues About Pet Safety

Even though you might not need a pet first aid kit, a current photo of your pet or the number for your vet back home, having these items just in case could mean the difference between a temporary delay in your holiday festivities and a potentially life-threatening situation. My first thought, even before “What a cute dog”, is “If she gets in an accident that cute little dog could be killed! Most people don’t ealize how hot it gets in parked cars. If your pet ever gets lost and is found, the microchip will help you get to your pet. When the weather cools down, different hazards will present themselves to your pets. Frostbite. Just because your pet is covered in fur, doesn’t mean they will be fine outside in the cold weather for extended periods of time. “But a large- or giant-breed dog will need a wider leash to prevent breaking or fraying of the material when they pull.” Most of the leashes on this list come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds (from Chihuahuas and pugs to Great Danes), but we’ve noted throughout when certain leashes are only available in limited sizes.

When spending time outdoors in the summertime, it’s essential to keep your dog safe and cool in order to avoid things like heat stroke, roundup poisoning in dogs and more. There are earthy scents, cool temperatures, and bright colors that offer the ideal setting for long walks with your pet. There is a chemical in chocolate and cocoa products called theobromine, which is toxic to pets. Keep all chocolate, cocoa products, and any “people foods” out of your pet’s reach. When placing the refrigerator, make sure the single-door model, when open, faces into the work triangle, not out of it. Keep a close eye on your pet while they are outside to make sure they do not consume anything poisonous. Your pet could easily choke on erasers or eat that toxic glue, or even worse, hurt themselves with a blade from a pencil sharpener. If ingested in large amounts, it can cause lethargy, weakness, seizures, or even death. Ticks can spread Lyme disease to people and pets, and this disease can have deadly consequences if it’s not treated. Luckily, Lyme disease is preventable. The holiday treat season begins in the Fall, with pumpkin spice delights of various kinds, followed by Halloween candies, Thanksgiving feasts, and tasty foods.

Fall is famous for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall also means that some guests may be coming over. We recommend using artificial plants, putting your delicate or antique ornaments in places your pet can’t reach, and anchoring your Christmas tree to the wall or ceiling so it won’t topple over on your pet if they jump on it or accidentally run into it. I’ve wasted a lot of my valuable time with these tech’s going over what the last tech already had me try! When they come inside they will lick their paws and fur to try to remove it. When dogs walk on surfaces that have been covered in sidewalk salt, it can become imbedded in their paws and fur. To avoid ingestion of sidewalk salt, thoroughly wipe your pet’s paws and body when they come inside, and use only pet-safe sidewalk salt. If you’re using laminate countertops elsewhere in the kitchen, use heat-resistant mate-rial, such as ceramic tile, to create “landing space” near cooking appliances. Instead, language was included directing the National Institute of Health (NIH) to commission a report on the use and feasibility of Random Source animals used in research.

Instead, give them pet-friendly treats and snacks. Keep an eye out for ticks when playing in leaves. Take this quiz to learn more about how to keep your pet entertained on a long car trip. Your pet can easily chew those decorations and choke. For under $10, you can wear the same nail polish as the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth. Don’t leave your pet outside for long periods of time, and consider having your pet wear a sweater or booties to protect their feet. We recommend keeping your pet on a parasite preventive all year long to keep them safe from the diseases that fleas and ticks carry. Causing an animal to be subjected to unnecessary cruelty or suffering is illegal in Massachusetts and is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of up to $1,000. The team at Haslett Animal Hospital is here to ensure that you are educated and informed about the dangers that can affect your pet. When you’re on the road or going from airport to airport, you might not have immediate access to an animal doctor should problems arise. So whether you’re preparing to decorate your home for the holidays or cook for the upcoming holiday party, keep your pet’s safety in mind.