Queen Letizia of Spain stuns in a smart white trouser suit

She’s known for being a sharp dresser and today was no exception for Queen Letizia of as she stunned in a crisp white trouser suit. 

The royal put a fashionable spin on business-like chic as she joined her husband King Felipe at theRoyal Palace of El Pardo in Madrid.

Her ensemble was teamed with a white satin vest underneath and she teamed the outfit with pointed brown heels and a tan and cream handbag. 

The mother-of-two allowed her brunette tresses to fall naturally around her shoulders and accessorised with floral dangling earrings.

Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, stunned in a crisp white trouser suit during presentation of ì Diccionario Biografico Electronico at El Pardo Palace in Madrid

Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, stunned in a crisp white trouser suit during presentation of ì Diccionario Biografico Electronico at El Pardo Palace in Madrid

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Go classic like Queen Letizia in Carolina Herrera

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Queen Letizia has an effortlessly chic sense of style.

Just check out this look, spotted on the royal as she stepped out in Madrid today.

That bright white pantsuit had everyone's attention. But, we can't forget the acessories!

The Queen kept it neutral with a pair of tan court heels and Carolina Herrera camelot bag. The result was a very classy, modern look.

While Letizia's exact bag isn't currently available online, you can shop more from the Camelot collection by clicking right.

Or, if you love the contrast cream and tan look, you have to have a look at our edit below.

These mid-sized bags would match with just about any look.

Complete your outfit with some drop earrings – Queen Letizia's are from Coolook.

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