How Branden Condy Went From a Homeless Teen To a Profitable Entrepreneur

Branden Condy knew the significance of hard work ever since his family was forced out of their home. He determined that he’d by no means face this type of financial burden again and did everything doable to create a brighter future.

Destined for Greatness

“Not too long ago, I used to be a broke bartender,” said a now profitable Branden Condy. As a youngster, he and his household skilled crippling monetary difficulties. However his youth definitely did not discourage him from paving a better future.

The hardships he faced only motivated Branden to work even harder, and after betting on himself, he finally constructed his own enterprise from the ground up. From residing on the streets to running a successful firm, Condy’s achieved the lifestyle of his dreams.

Branden’s Childhood

Branden Condy was born in Virginia to a loving single mother. She genuinely wished one of the best for her children and was willing to do whatever it took to keep them completely satisfied and healthy. Because the household’s sole provider, his mother worked tirelessly to put a roof over her children’s head.

Branden’s mother’s strong work ethic taught him the importance of hard work and by no means giving up on his desires, no matter how impossible they once seemed. Little did he know, his life would take a drastic turn, and he’d should take on additional responsibilities throughout his teenage years.

Powerful Upbringing

Things weren’t always straightforward for Branden and his family. His mom was extremely hardworking, but some weeks she spent more time trying to earn a residing than she did at home. “I was often left residence alone while my mom worked long hours to pay the bills and keep meals on the table,” Branden revealed.

“She tried so hard and cherished us so much, however things have been often really tough back then.” And unfortunately, things would grow to be more difficult before they got higher for the Condy family. “When my mother misplaced her job, we have been asked to depart the house with a 12-hour notice and had to sleep outside,” Branden explained.

“I Was Scared and Lost”

Branden’s mother cherished her children more than anything and wished to provide them a stable dwelling, however sadly, they were houseless for some time. “We had to make use of public bathrooms every day and eventually start leaping between totally different friends’ houses,” Condy explained.

“At that time, I used to be scared and lost,” Branden continued. “This is the place my drive comes from because I never need to have anybody in my life be in that position ever again.” He didn’t proceed to live in concern; Branden used these emotions to push him towards a brighter future.

He Started Working at 16

Branden was decided to help help his family, in order quickly as he turned 16, he started working. He started washing dishes in a restaurant and eventually grew to become a bartender. He essentially did anything he probably could to earn some further money in hopes of never having to live on the streets again.

A couple of years later, Condy picked up work cleaning luxury yachts, and suddenly, he started to envision a future for himself. He noticed these boat owners living a luxurious life, and Branden determined that someday he’d be residing that way of life too. And as soon as he received this concept in his head, he could not be stopped.

It Wasn’t Sufficient

Working these part-time jobs actually helped Condy earn some cash, however this wasn’t what he wanted to do forever. He wanted to explore what different opportunities were out there. “When I was younger, I saved up all the money I earned and started to work on growing my Instagram following,” he said.

He was incredibly open to learning new skills, so Branden began reading books about becoming successful and speaking with anybody who could provide some guidance. “I read a book that told me to get publicity and a focus, and so I believed that focusing on social media would do just that,” Branden said.

He Grew to become an Influencer

“Life was a struggle. However then I made a decision to reject reality and build a better future,” said Condy, as he brainstormed ways to establish himself within the business world. “Step one I took was to rethink all of my beliefs and decide to reinvent myself.”

“In just about 45 days, I obtained involved with Instagram and have become an influencer,” he continued. Establishing a powerful social media presence appeared like the perfect place to start. It didn’t price him anything, and it would enable Condy to attach with different passionate and profitable individuals.

He Looked As much as Entrepreneurs

Aside from changing into active on social media, Condy admired entrepreneurs and was desirous to learn the way precisely they reached their level of success. “I also adopted totally different entrepreneurs who had the approach to life I wanted and reached out to them to find out how to get there myself,” he revealed.

Essentially, Branden had spent years “working all these totally different jobs like cleaning vehicles or being a boat boy, or as a bartender, just to know that I used to be so much greater than that.” He defined that “he had a dream to start all these companies,” and it was only a matter of time before he made his dream right into a reality.